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AmpLIFEi Scientific Advisory Board

dr. epitropoulos Dr. MICHAEL EPITROPOULOS, D.C, Ph.D.

Dr. Epitropoulos holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree as well as a Doctorate of Applied Clinical Nutrition degree.

His training is extensive in medicine as well as specialized training in Applied Kinesiology, Contact Reflex Analysis, and Energy Medicine.

He has been a contributing writer to 2 books as well as several natural health publications and taught clinical nutrition at colleges in North Carolina, Michigan and Florida.

He speaks all over the country and is a featured speaker at Chiropractic Conventions teaching Doctors how to incorporate Natural Medicine in their practices.

He has hosted popular radio shows on natural healing in both Florida and Michigan. He has been a practicing Chiropractic and Functional Medicine physician for well over 35 years and currently is in private practice in Ormond Beach Florida where people come to him from all over the U.S. because of his work in Natural Medicine.

He is also involved in nutraceutical product development including the recent development of a formulation for Type 2 Diabetes based on Nucleotide Science. He has done extensive research for over 17 years in the area of Nucleotide Science and Gut Health. His other passion is playing the piano as he has been a professional musician since the age of 13.


Babette Teno is an Author, Certified Nutritionist, International Speaker, Certified Lifestyle Educator and a Certified Gluten Practitioner with ample experience in functional medicine.

In honor and memory of her father (and, the commitment she made to him as he lay on his deathbed over 30 years ago), Babette has dedicated her life in service to humankind.

She has seen thousands of private clients and collaborated with many world class health practitioners throughout the world.

babette teno

Babette is an International consultant and speaker who has contributed to healthier menus in schools and wellness programs for companies, clinics, schools and retreat centers. Babette enjoys continuing her education to expand her knowledge and remain current with the latest research to best serve clients, strategic partners and the global community. She just completed a Mind-Body Medicine program and is pursuing an advanced certification to further her knowledge to be able to help more women who have or are experiencing trauma and/or an invisible illness.

dr. eric nepute


Dr. Eric Nepute is a COVID-19 health expert, the owner of Nepute Wellness Centers in St. Louis, founder of the Wellness Warrior brand, and the leader of The Common Sense Health movement aimed at providing communities in America with medical health aid.


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