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SHEILD MZ a Zeolite Detox

Here is a list of the multiple benefits of ZEOLITE.


Heavy metal detox: Zeolite, in particular Clinoptilolite, is capable of eliminating toxic heavy metals (like mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium); pesticides and antibiotics without removing vital electrolytes1.

It is an ideal remedy for smokers, and people who got in contact with heavy metals (such as amalgam filling), where tap water is contaminated or simply to remove years of toxic buildup.

amplifei sheild mz zeolite

Removes radiation poisoning: Zeolite helps to eliminate radiation poisoning (such as x-rays, and medical scans). In Japan and Russia, after the nuclear disasters, zeolite was used to clear contaminated water and fields. It was added to food to detoxify children who were exposed to radiation. This mineral ash can traps radionuclides and expel them from the body. For this reason, it has been used to contrast radioactive iodine deposits in thyroids too.

Chemotherapy: Zeolite is pretty new in this sector, but it is starting to get used by oncologists to contrast chemo toxicity and side effects2. It is preferable in this case to ask a doctor for the right posology (dosage).

Rebalances pH levels: Zeolite is naturally a basic compound and for this reason it can help to neutralize the acidity produced by intestinal fermentation and the excess of chloridric acid in the stomach. It rebalances glucose excess and reduces blood sugar peaks.

Cancer: Some studies report that ground clinoptilolite could be a potential adjuvant in anticancer therapy and that it could improve the overall health conditions, and decrease tumor size3.

Allergies: It helps in reducing allergy symptoms, toxins buildup in the body assimilated from food, pollution and drug abuse.

Powerful antioxidant: Zeolite is a free radical scavenger, trapping free radical molecules, making it an effective antioxidant. It stops premature aging and some related diseases.

Alzheimer’s: A clinical study on mice prove that dietary zeolite supplementation reduces oxidative damage and plaque generation in the brain of an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model4.

Immune system: Zeolite is a natural immune system booster, increasing immune functions by removing the toxins and pathogens that interfere with its performance.

Combats bacterial infections and parasites,

Eliminates mycotoxins such as mold, yeast and fungal infections.

It is a great supplement for sports people.

It increases energy levels (both mental and physical), helps fight fatigue, and gets energy levels back to normal after a workout.

It stimulates metabolism.

Reduces chronic inflammation and body pain.

It has a natural alkalizing effect on the body.

It also aids digestion and remedies acid reflux, candida and arthritis

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